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Polipoli State Park Maui Hawaii

Photography by The Supaks

Our computer backgrounds photographs first went public in 1996 as part of our internet marketing business. We found that people were using our high definition nature photos as web page backgrounds and desktop wallpaper. These photo galleries are just the tip of the iceberg; we have access to thousands more high quality photographs.

Usually, we ask that you give us credit for the photographs, especially if you can link to our free desktop wallpaper home page! You can further support our efforts to provide high resolution images for desktop wallpaper and computer backgrounds by subscribing to our feed and shopping while you're here.

Photography Blog


Local and Organic Food Photography

Turkey Canadian bacon grilled cheese with caramelized onions, tomato, and arugula.We're busy trying to start a small, organic and local food takeout restaurant in Cherry Valley, NY, called Good to Go.

As part of our ramp up, and as part of our way of showing the world--and especially potential investors--exactly what kind of delicious, fresh, organic, and local food creations Robin can make, we've been adding pictures to the Good to Go website's food photography gallery, and we've put a few of them here in the Good to Go gallery.

If you'd like to help us make this dream (to promote local and organic food by making it convenient and affordable) a reality, be sure to check out our get involved page where you can find out about investing in our venture, or becoming a supplier of local organic food.


Hollywood Walk of Fame Memorial of John Lennon's Death

Today is the 33rd anniversary of John Lennon's violent death in New York. Twelve years ago I was working in Hollywood on this date, and wandered up to the Capitol Records builiding (which was undergoing some renovations) to get some pictures of the memorial service at Lennon's Walk of Fame star for my Hollywood Downside Up series.

The celebration included a few speeches, some songs, a Lennon impersonator, and a lot of sad people. As you can see, Capitol Records was in the middle of a Pink Floyd promotion for the Echoes album, and the sidewalk was partially closed for the iconic building's renovation. 

Click here to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame Memorial of John Lennon's death gallery


Robin's Black and White Moon Photographs Part of Group Show

Robin Supak has three black and white photographs hanging in Black and White, a Group Show, at the Cherry Branch Gallery in Cherry Valley, NY.

Two of the photos use Robin's moving-moon, light-painting technique. The other, shown here (all three have been added to Robin's Abstract Photography gallery) captures the feeling of a well lit night among the birch trees (less abstract). It is titled Backdrop Moon for the feeling of flatness of the background and the drop-shaddow-like effect that makes the birch trees seem to be standing in front of a backdrop.

All three framed, high-quality prints are for sale at the Cherry Branch Gallery though the month of October. 


Beertography Beer Wallpaper Pictures

Bear Beer WallpaperSquarespace neighbor Beertography is celebrating their 4th anniversary with a beer photography contest. Robin took an Anchor Steam Beer on a drive down an upstate NY highway for some beer wallpaper photos that are, well, bearable.


So, that's how this little bottle got so far from its home in San Fransisco, where this California common beer was created.

We'll have new craft brew wallpaper pictures soon; Ommegang is our right down the road neighbor!




Widescreen Wallpapers

Widescreen Wallpaper Picture of the Cherry Valley NY CemeteryFor those of you with multiple monitors or a very wide screen monitor we're offering this new widescreen wallpaper photo gallery of panoramic photographs taken by Robin Supak in and around Cherry Valley, New York. 


Passages Art Installation Photographed by Robin Supak

Passages by Lorilee Coleman, photos by Robin SupakCherry Valley Artworks, in the historic art community of Cherry Valley, NY, sponsors an annual scuplture trail, featuring sculptures by artists from all over the world.

The 2012 sculpture trail included Passages, an installation by Lorilee Coleman, a local artist from Central New York. Passages, which was installed on and over the pond across from the Post Office, was a hit with the community, even the ducks and a great blue heron (photos are in the gallery). Materials used included floating mirror cubes, music CDs, and metal shapes for the teeth and eyebrows.

These photographs of Passages were taken by Robin Supak.


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